Myeongdong Kyoja - Kalguksu, Seoul must-eat place

2019. 4. 21. 23:34세상 돋보기


It's kinda surpising that I'm doing food-blogging.

Just got inspired by those people who are talented decribing their experience of eating.

Myeongdong Kyoja(명동교자) must be one of the famous Korean restaurant you might have heard many times from the magazines, blogs, news, etc.

It's a bit challeging visiting here in a regular lunch time. There are always many people waiting for the seat.

Recently I was working nearby, so I was able to visit here around 11AM. Without any waiting I was able to eat 칼국수(Kalguksu)

If you have a plenty of time to spend Myeungdong area, or you are just lucky enough to be here evading crowded time. I suggest you to eat Kalguksu at least once! The price is around 8$ but it's worth to try, and you can get noodles refilled.  


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